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Everything happening right now is an experiment. What you see at one show might not be the same at the next. It will remain this way until venue owners figure out how to safely hold shows that both turn a profit and keep fans safe. So, expect things to be give and take along the way.

What one show does you might not see at the next or you might see some general trends start to emerge. Some shows will sell their tickets in what is being called fan pods which are clusters of seats spread out throughout the venue with social distancing measures in place. Thus, if you’d like to sit in row D and there are 6 seats available, you have to buy all 6 seats for you and your friends and if you have less than that you still have to buy all 6 seats.

Expect to see limits to how many people can use the bathroom all at once, pre-packaged drinks with lids, temperature checks at the door with the same for staff to ensure everyone is safe before each show begins. However, look for these measures to change as shows figure out how this new normal works for them. Expect to see lower capacity shows in the interim but when a vaccine becomes available that full concert experience will return. Right now, it’s just a matter of time.

Companies are even starting to develop clothing to wear at concerts at an alarming rate. Everyone wants to get in on Covid-19 solutions that are not necessarily a vaccine which at the end of the day is what they will tell us we’ll need. And until we have a vaccine there will be people trying to sell us all sorts of products that will promise some sense of normalcy without providing us with product that is helpful at venues so beware.

Currently there are more than 800 independent venues all over the country that are in danger of closing if people don’t patronize them again. So if you love going to see live music help them by purchasing tickets to your favorite shows once again.

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