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Travel and Tourism in the Age of a New Normal

Updated: May 16

Everyone agrees we need to start thinking very clearly

about what the future looks like for the travel and tourism industry currently in freefall. There’s no denying it will take coordinated action between governments and the private sector. We also should explore ways technology can improve the source of friction-less travel.

Let’s face it, vacationers in this new normal will be looking for that sense of security and peace of mind first and foremost as they begin to travel once more. Be it on a plane, train, cruise ship or chartered bus, they will need the assurance that their pilot, captain, conductor or bus driver has passed testing for Covid-19 with negative results and travel employees will want to feel that same confidence in passengers they are providing service for. If predictors are right we will see a drive or a push for contact-less customer journeys sooner rather than later. Private screenings, forehead temperature scans, hand gestures instead of hand-shakes these will all be a part of a new normal existence.

Trip insurance will also be a big priority. When most people shop for travel insurance they usually seek out the cheapest option available. Therefore we should expect to see a rise in cancel-for-any-reason insurance, a logic option to cover pandemics.

Discounts will also be a part of the recovery effort across all aspects of the tourism and travel industry. Customers will seek to do business with reputable providers who offer the most value rather than the cheapest prices.

The most desirable travel destinations will be countries least-affected by the pandemic or those that recovered the most quickly and have most successfully returned local life to it’s status quo.

For many travel is and will remain a major priority and an essential tool for self-discovery. In the end our wanderlust will win out and hopefully the lessons learned during this pandemic will make for better travelers.


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